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Things We Need

Note: If you would like to mail something, please use this address...

Oakland Leadership Center, P.O. Box 18711, Oakland, CA 94619

VAN or suv (used is fine)

  • We are in need of a larger vehicle to transport young people around town and also on trips to places such as Santa Cruz and Los Angeles. We are looking for a used van or SUV in good running condition. Please spread the word.

GIFT CARDS (ongoing & vital need)

  • Walgreens (general basic needs)
  • Target (general basic needs)
  • Marshalls (interview & job clothing)
  • Ross (interview & job clothing)
  • Wingstop (for rewards and lunches)
  • Costco (for purchasing food)
  • Grocery Outlet (food)
  • Mi Pueblo (food)
  • Amazon (we purchase books and a variety of supplies online)

*we use gift cards to motivate young men to attend our mentoring groups and reward activity towards resume completion, job application, school registration, etc.


  • Water Bottles
  • Lemonade, Gatorade or Soda to keep in refrigerator


Go to Amazon Wish List (some items also on the above list)