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Things We Need

Note: If you would like to mail something, please use this address...

Oakland Leadership Center, P.O. Box 18711, Oakland, CA 94619

GIFT CARDS (our main need right now)

  • Walgreens (general basic needs)
  • Target (general basic needs)
  • Marshalls (interview & job clothing)
  • Ross (interview & job clothing)
  • Wingstop (for rewards and lunches)
  • Costco (for purchasing food)
  • Grocery Outlet (food)
  • Mi Pueblo (food)
  • Home Depot (for ongoing repairs and upgrades to our facility)
  • Amazon (we purchase books and a variety of supplies online)

*we use gift cards to motivate young men to attend our mentoring groups and reward activity towards resume completion, job application, school registration, etc.

uniforms for boys basketball team

  • Email nate@oaklandleadershipcenter.com for details


  • Water Bottles
  • Lemonade or Soda to keep in refrigerator
  • Microwave popcorn
  • Couch or Futon for Music Studio (small to mid sized)
  • VAN OR SUV - We need a vehicle that can hold 7-8 young men to drive to mentoring groups and also for trips. Used is fine if it is in good working condition.


Go to Amazon Wish List (some items also on the above list)